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  • 1Queso Gouda bloque y slice SmallQueso Mozzarella Small

    The Gouda cheese is a food very rich in proteins and minerals such as calcium or zinc, thus contributing to an adequate muscular development and strengthening of the bones. It is therefore a nutritionally adequate product for people of all ages, as part of a balanced diet.

    The Rich Mozzarella Cheese has a fresh, smooth and shiny appearance, moist appearance. Its firmness, freshness and whiteness are the guarantee of a quality product.

    Made with fresh cow's milk and without artificial preservatives is a food rich in phosphorus and calcium.

  • Queso Gouda sin lactosa bloque y slice SmallQueso Mozzarella Sin Lactosa p

    Rich Lactose-free cheeses are born for those who are lactose intolerant or have trouble digesting it. They enclose all the quality the fresh and delicate flavor that Rica offers in its products.

  • Top quality pasteurized cheese, soft and creamy for deserts and meals, with 25% fat.

  • Squeezable container with cheese sauce made according to quality standards, ideal for meals and snacks.