Rica Foundation

The RICA FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization regulated under law 122-05 regarding associations that do not have as objective a pecuniary benefit and dated the 22 of February, 2004. Rica Foundation is created and organized exclusively to be of service to the general community and to foster, establish and administrate funds destined to promote the development of education, health, environment, sports and culture in the country. It will run projects that contribute to social interests in areas or activities of national life. Rica Foundation is an initiative of the Rica Corporate Group.

The foundation achieves its objectives through collaborative and exchange agreements with universities, foundations, the State Ministries of Education, Environment and Public Health and institutions such as INFOTEP and The American Chamber of Commerce.

At the Rica Foundation we concentrate first on education, focusing on support programs to improve the education quality of schools by donating libraries, teaching materials, computer centers and awarding excelling students among others.


Education, health, environment, culture, sports.